International Albariño Day

Today, August 1, 2019 is International Albariño Day! This Spanish grape variety (Alvarinho in Portugal) is vibrant and refreshing. It is loved for its crisp acidity, distinct aromatics, bright citrus notes, and subtle salinity. This is the perfect wine for these hot August days.

Typically vinified in a dry style, Albariño offers vibrant, fresh citrus fruit flavors of lemon, lime, and grapefruit, tree fruits such as pear and apple, and stone fruits such as peach and nectarine. Generally not a wine intended to be aged for a long period of time, Albariño is best consumed relatively young. Spain produces a significant amount of Albarino in Rias Baixas DO, as does the Vinho Verde region of Portugal.

Albarino, Albarinho, Vinho Verde, Rias Baixas

Albariño’s high acid content and subtle phenolics make it a perfect food wine. Its aromatics allow it to perfectly pair with ethnic cuisine such as Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and other Asian cuisine. Seafood is a natural pairing to highlight the slight saline quality. Think shellfish such as oysters, mussels, clams, lobster and crab as well as white flaky fish and a variety of sushi and maki rolls. I believe Albariño to be a very underrated variety here in the US, however that allows you to enjoy a beautiful high quality wine at an inexpensive price point. Click here for some delicious suggestions available to ship directly to your door from VINOvations.

Perfect Pairing Recipes

Galician Mussels in White Wine from

Click here for more info on Albarino Day from


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