My First Wine Blog – An Intro!

Well hello there! I’ve been meaning to start my wine blog for a while now, but you know how it is… life gets away from you! So here it is and here I go. Blog #1! I’m just a girl who loves her wine, so much in fact that I’ve made it a very successful career! I’m a New England girl from Worcester, MA. Up until April of last year, I was in the fitness and nutrition industry for 16 years. I desperately wanted a change, but what? How? I knew I had to do something I was passionate in, so I thought how could I break into the wine industry? Not only do I love to drink wine, but I love the beauty of wine: the growing, the wine making process, the food pairing, all of it! So I did what anyone in 2013 would do and I went to google and searched “wine jobs.” I found the Traveling Vineyard, and the rest is history.

I officially joined Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide on April 1, 2014, conducted my first wine tasting on April 24, and my life has been turned upside down in the greatest of ways since. In one month I will be taking the first of four possible exams for the Court of Master Sommeliers in Manhattan. Last month I was named Spirit of the Vineyard by the CEO of my company, I also had the highest sales in the entire company for the month of January 2015, and my team of wine guides, which I have named The Winelist, continues to grow. I am loving life!


The best part of this career change isn’t the money I make just for drinking wine, which is absolutely fantastic, it isn’t even that I get to make my own hours and have more freedom than I’ve ever had, which is also wonderful. It is the beautiful friendships I have made in the past year. I have gained an entire family, something at this stage in my life I never expected. That is something you simply can’t put a price on. My fellow wine guides all across the country, my team members, my hostesses and guests, these people that have walked into my life have been nothing short of a blessing! And of course the wine, let’s not forget the wine…

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I hope you’ll join me on this wine adventure and follow my blog! It will not just be about my business, it will be about all things wine: reviews, food pairings, wineries, restaurants, wine tools and accessories, even my own personal wine adventures! I’m kind of a fun gal, so stick around for a few laughs along the way!